Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Felicia Carrie - It All Started with Felicia Carrie Networks - Happy Birthday

Women in Internet Radio History
Felicia Carrie, CEO/President of FCN Radio Networks.

WOODLAND CA (IFS) -- First, she wanted to make a record or two. We recorded some tracks and they are included in this story on Felicia Carrie's Birthday Radio Show.   Then she was interested in internet radio and television.  

It all started with a small gift from SDC RadioWorks in 2013, the opportunity to manage your own radio station.  SDC Digital's new direction into cloud-based programming and AI (artificial intelligence) for "turn-key" radio operations, they partnered with FCN Radio's Felicia Carrie for the first test station.  

The Felicia Carrie Networks' first station was the new StarMedia Radio One, which she ran under her FCN Radio One.  Carrie's outreach to young artists that have been incarcerated at that time, started giving radio airtime and playtime to these artists.  

"No song should be without a radio station," said Felicia Carrie.  Carrie's original quote that would later make her a star in the world of street-side rap.  FCN Radio One early artist was straight outta jail and prisons, and with time on their hands, the music had time to be creative. And it got harder. Nobody would dare play it.  

It was harder than gangsta.  Carrie's network requested that the artists remove enough of the swearwords, so that the song could be enjoyed, that she would be grateful to play on her station.

They needed a place to vent and FCN Radio One was the lifting platform.  Its nothing too crazy these days as regular radio has finally stopped "beeping" the bad words and letting the artists sing their songs.  As she began to sort through thousands of submitted tracks and downloads, this was over the top.  Ninety (90) percent of the artists were only one time.

With Carrie's programming, she singled out the violence in music and records -- where it was starting to spread, and as with underground radio, FCN began with cleaning the tracks campaigns,  and the music got better as success began to spread with really great tracks and sounds, and they did not require all the swearing-in a song.  These were the kids with all those tattoos all over their faces.

After KDTN Radio One - Country split-up, where the station fans just wanted the pure country, and it was time.  KDTN's format had never changed since its' inception on the internet in 1994.  

In 2013, it was only 168 Million radio stations worldwide, with enough music to fill 280 million CDs released and being in the top 500,000 radio stations in the world meant something.  

In today's market place, there are over 500 Million radio stations worldwide and over 600 million CDs recorded and released every year worldwide.  The music marketplace these days, including being in the top five (5) million radio stations worldwide.  The top (1) million artists in the world, and the top two (2) million songs in the world.

Opening the launch of  2013 radio stations from SDC includes StarMedia, SDC Radio One, SDC RadioMixx, SDCOG Radio One, SDCXPRESS Radio, SDC AxiSys Radio One, HitSteria Radio One, and sixteen others over the years, et al.

Carrie was responsible for the multi black music format where you get a taste of everything that will keep you moving and dancing.  Carrie decided that she was going into magazine publishing and that the radio station was not the experience she wanted to continue, and with that FCN Radio became SDC StarMedia Radio One and has grown into an association with BBC Radio Music.

The one little station that started a revolution continues and grows with the music, news and new recording artists. As they would say, Junior, is all grown-up.


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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Heidi Tann Takes the Lee Rogers Music In Action Award for 2019

APACHE JUNCTION AZ (IFS) -- The highly prized Lee Rogers Craton "Music In Action" Award, whose message to up and coming recording artists, Rogers always said this, " .. there's product and, there is product." 

The artists that have made my list of the stars in today's industry, come from all over the world, and they come with a lot of credits to back up their talents.  Heidi Tann is just a couple of songs away from breaking the international ceiling and putting a smash hit record in her properties.

Heidi Tann did not even get the top prize, the Number #1 spot on the SDC Digital Radio World Top 50 Artists, she just got Number #2 and out of all the artists on the chart, the judges felt Ms. Tann had earned the likes of the Lee Rogers Award and deserve it.

This award is about believing in yourself.  When no one will give you any credit that's willing to put your dreams on the first row, giving it love and watching it grow.  When the odds are against you and when you can see nothing else but success - that's for the love of it.


Friday, November 8, 2019

Tami Neilson

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Jennie J

Musik Radio Promotions
Jennie J

Adult Contemporary - Country - Pop

United States

Musik and Film


Johnson and Wrench / BMI
Songs Listen
Chevy Girl

Jennie J also known as Jennie Johnson originally from San Bernardino, CA  has had a journey of a lifetime. Coming from a very broken home full of abuse to living in foster care a good portion of her life, to  living in her own personal prison for years in a marriage full of emotional, physical and verbal abuse.  Jennie has came a very long way in her time, rebuilt her life, and music is the one thing that never left her side and has been her lifeline.

Her latest single "Movin On" is a heartfelt emotional but yet uplifting track of a  part of  Jennie's Journey  Jennie has faced many years of discouragement and abuse and always being told she wouldn't  be what she wanted to be, was not good enough and  she would never make her dreams come true.  Jennie had to finally stand up and say I've had enough I want more in life and I deserve happiness!  The girl you see today fought and never gave up on that passion and has been "Movin On" ever since. Jennie used that discouragement  as a fuel to her already burning fire inside to make sure she continued to dream and go after what she loved doing, despite what people say.

Jennie J Quotes "Don't ever give up or fail on yourself.  Don't let anyone tell you can't do something or that you're not good enough.  You only go as far as you let yourself go.  So Be limitless!'