Sunday, August 25, 2019

This Week on Bandcamp Daily

This Week on Bandcamp Daily
Eight Artists Making Music Built on Buchla Synthesizers
Don Buchla’s synthesizers never achieved the market success of Moog or Roland, but a new generation of musicians are tuning in to the instrument's unique wavelength. These are some of the best.
Seven Essential Releases

Our guide to the week's best new albums, picked by the Bandcamp Daily Editorial team.


Thursday, August 8, 2019

Carmine Russotti


Carmine Russotti has a fine educational background!
He studied music education and has an MA in Music Composition, a Music Teacher Certification New York State, & has a Tenured Teaching License in Orchestral Music – New York City.
Carmine has an extensive background in music performance both as a leader and performer.


  • Performance Experience
  • Three of a Kind Orchestra
  • Freelance Musician
  • Hunter College Orchestra
  • Hunter College Jazz Band
  • Alex Maysonet Ensemble
  • Normie Wayne Music
  • Larry Charles Big Band
  • Various performances in off-Broadway musicals including Fiddler On The Roof, Anything Goes, Guys & Dolls, and more!
  • Gloria Praise Team
  • W.O.W.
  • Tony C & The Nose Pickers
  • And various ensembles in the New York City Public School System

Carmine Russotti worked in the New York City public school system for 27 years as a music educator. He has taught, conducted and been the director of a variety of music and other disciplines including:
  • Jazz Band
  • Marching Band
  • Orchestra
  • Beginner & Intermediate Ensembles
  • Other various music ensembles

He has taught music theory, piano, beginners band and beginners orchestra, intermediate band and orchestra, brass, woodwind, percussion classes, music appreciation, mixed and girls choruses.
Also, he worked as an adjunct professor at Hunter College teaching Percussion skills to Master Classes.
He started writing songs when he was 14 years old. Writing both the music & lyrics. He has written & performed music in many genres. His eclectic tastes span from Classical to Jazz to Popular Music He has now started a project including Pop, Dance, Hip-Hop & Rap! He has been working with Tony Coluccio@globalmediamusic for the production of his music.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Tim McInnes

My Life Story
by Tim McInnes

     This will have to be an autobiography, as Wikipedia hasn't picked me up, yet.  I am Timothy Rex McInnes, born December 12,1952, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, the little city across the Detroit River from Detroit, Michigan.

Rum running capital of the world, Windsor was, but that was before my time.  My family moved to London, Ontario in 1963, just before JFK was killed. I don't think there's any connection.

  I grew up, went to school in London, Ontario, moved to Hamilton, Ontario in 1974 to work for the S.S. Kresge Company to get enough money for my last year of university at McMaster University in Hamilton.  Graduated there with an Honours Degree in Philosophy (how practical!), saw Europe in 1976 and came back to London, Ontario to get a job.  I found that my degree with completely useless and actually a handicap to employment, so I took a series of low-paying jobs so that I didn't starve.

  I got married in 1981 to  Cornelia.  She is the mother of my three children, Mark, Matthew, and Angela. I worked my way through the lousy jobs until I got a job with Cuddy Foods in 1987 as a forklift driver.  I worked there until 2015 when I retired.  Cornelia and I divorced in 1993.  I married Lynda in 2007, and we are still together.

Pretty dull life, eh?  I thought so too, so after I retired in 2015, I began to fill my time with writing songs and playing keyboard and guitar.  Figure it out.  I actually began to do what I wanted to do at the age of 62.  My gigs have been limited to volunteer "concerts" that I have put on for Alzheimer's patients as part of their music therapy.  I did that for about a year.  It was a win-win for all concerned.

   Turns out, there was a music recordist/ producer one block away from me, named Tim Schwindt, who owns River Music Studios.  It's a small studio, but it suited me perfectly.  I've recorded two full albums there, "Selfie" in 2017 and "Shadowlife" in 2018.  They have been heard all over the world on Spotify, Youtube. Jango Radio, Apple Music and may other venues.

   All this is very gratifying to me, and I hope to continue making music at least until I'm dead, and maybe a little longer to make up for a largely dull and wasted life.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

SDC RadioWorks Radio Sampler for YouTube TV

SDC RadioWorks for YouTube TV

00:23 - PSA - Amanda Peet - Vaccinate Your Baby
00:54 - Noiseshaper - Walls Of Silence (King Sized Dub Special)
05:43 - Aimee Debeer - Billboards - SDC RadioWorks
09:17 - Alix - Indica - SDC RadioWorks
13:20 - Dan Schultz - Beatbox (Casting Shadows)
16:55 - Jessica Kelly - Beautiful Day - Jessica Kelly
20:30 - Birds and Bees - Lowman Craig
23:32 - Blow These Candles Out (Notes One)
27:37 - Bobby Wills - Raise the Bar (Raise The Bar)
30:16 - Sheryl Boyd - Bump Your Head (Sheryl Boyd)
33:41 - Sean McMorris - C'est La Vie (C'est La Vie mp3 192kbs)
37:02 - Chris James and the Showdowns - Cold Black.mp3 (Somewhere out in California )
41:00 - Social Robot - Cut of the Wood (The Botz Sessions)
45:39 - Damaged - The PrimaDonna Reeds
49:05 - DANI CICHON - We Won't Go - SDC RadioWorks
52:23 - Drug Facts Label_FDA_PSA_30
52:53 - Sean McMorris - Don't You Let It (C'est La Vie mp3 192kbs)
56:53 - Kinglock - Drama (Summertime)
60:05 - Flowers For Jayne - Personality (Personality)
62:54 - Raggadat Cris feat. Lion Rezz - Gimme Love MSTR 06-05-19
67:24 - The PrimaDonna Reeds - Give Me The Key (Red Stilettos)
71:12 - Todd Warner Moore - Golden Life (Love and Change)
73:12 - Here I Am - Jessica Kelly
77:38 - Special Guests - Home Sweet Home (Special Guests)
81:44 - Ken Hardeo and Quentin Bethea - I Can Love You Through Anything
88:30 - The Bobby O Band - Winged Horse (Skeletons Amongst the Mangos EP)
94:37 - I'm Scared - Lon DuQuette
97:29 - Ingrid Nomad - The Train (The Train)
101:48 - Heaven Is A Honky Tonk - Chris Mabb
105:31 - Merrell Fankhauser - Alien Talk (Area 51 Suite)
109:02 - Tude Vox Ro - Make It Through
112:24 - XiXi - If You Only Knew
115:37 - Girlie Vasallo - HERE I AM
119:28 - FDA Sunscreen Audio 30

Sunday, June 16, 2019

MSNBC host asks Republican—over and over—why he hasn't bothered to read Mueller report

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